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Chris Scott-Gray

President of FMA

About Chris

Chris is a senior in finance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is the current president of the Financial Management Association, and will be in this position until May 2023. In addition to his role at FMA, he is the Chair of the Calvin Shindo Student Venture Fund where he runs a team of 11 students in scouting, analyzing, and investing in local startups. He also works part time as a credit analyst with American Savings Bank.

As the president of FMA, Chris oversees all club activities, including but not limited to investments made through the club portfolio, now worth over $50,000, relationship management with club sponsors, marketing activities for the club, managing a member base of around 50 students, and overseeing all events that are held for FMA.

What Chris loves about his position as president is that he is able to positively and tangibly impact the future of his fellow classmates. He enjoys being able to connect the next generation of financial and business leaders with current business leaders in Hawai'i, creating a positive feedback loop of professional and personal development for his club members. 

You can find Chris snorkeling all over the island or going on hikes and walks with his dog, a corgi named Coast.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

(203) 814-2779

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