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Professional Interaction Night (PIN), is considered one of the highlights of the semester. The event provides our students with insights into the different areas of finance, as well as local job and internship opportunities. 


This semester, FMA is pleased to connect our members with professionals. PIN Night will be held through a virtual meeting. Each professional will be allotted a speaking window to describe their career path, give their recommendations, and answer any questions attendees may have.


Our event serves as an excellent opportunity to establish a relationship between current members of the financial industry and aspiring ones.

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During the Fall 2021 semester, FMA partnered with the Hawai'i Food Bank and Shidler Alumni Association to help distribute over 5,000 packages of food to be sent to local schools on Oah'u and Kaua'i. Thanks to several club members, FMA had a large presence and made a lasting impact on the community.

As we push on through 2022, FMA continues to search for new opportunity to get its members involved in volunteer programs to better the lives of those around us.