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Clay Sedgwick

Chief Financial Officer

Clay Sedgwick is a previous educator and now Marketing Major at Shidler College of Business. Coming from a background in Mathematics, Clay loves working with numbers and solving problems. Using this knowledge, he hopes to enter the Data Analytics Field upon Graduation.


Born in California, Clay spent the first part of his life growing up in Gardnerville, Nevada and has now lived in Hawaii for ten years. Using his first Degree in Secondary Education, Clay taught High School Mathematics and Language/Culture abroad in Akita, Japan. In the World of Finance, Clay enjoys researching long-term investments, working with spreadsheets, and finding the next and greatest SPAC. Outside of Finance and School, he loves DJing, Music Production, and the occasional Geoguessr Binge.


Although he may not be a Finance Major, Clay is here to help FMA balance the budget and guide you through future investment opportunities.