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Steven Cleveland

Director of Fundraising

About Steven

Steven is a senior in finance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He currently operates as the Director of Fundraising for the Financial Management Association, and will be in this position until May 2023. Furthermore, Steven works part-time for Roy's in Ko Olina as a food server, and has previously operated as a Student Director for the Calvin Shindo Student Venture Fund where he worked as a venture capitalist by assisting in scouting, analyzing, and selecting UH-affiliated startup companies for potential investments.


As the Director of Fundraising, Steven is responsible for obtaining funds through various fundraising events he conducts throughout the year. While this is his first time in this position, he has plenty of promising fundraisers in the works, as he aims to reach his goal of $10,000 for the semester. He also works alongside Chris and Fredy in the Investment Committee where the group analyzes stocks for investments to improve their $50,000 portfolio.


Steven loves the opportunity to help those around him achieve success. He is a natural leader that works best by listening to those around him, understanding the needs of the group, forming a valuable cohesion, and lifting everyone up to the best of their abilities. As Director of Fundraising, Steven is in his element, ready to help those in need.

In his spare time, Steven will be surfing, hiking, and sometimes playing video games. When he gets motivated enough, he also enjoys working out.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

(916) 934-4050

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