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During the Fall 2021 semester, FMA partnered with the Hawai'i Food Bank and Shidler Alumni Association to help distribute over 5,000 packages of food to be sent to local schools on O'ahu and Kaua'i. Thanks to several club members, FMA had a large presence and made a lasting impact on the community. As we push on through 2022, FMA continues to search for new opportunities to get its members involved  in programs to benefit those around us.



Professional Interaction Night (PIN) is considered one of the highlights of the semester. The event provides our members with insights into different areas of finance from local leaders as well as local job and internship opportunities. FMA has had the pleasure to have our past PINs hosted by American Savings Bank. It was a night full of friendships and connections that will continue to grow.



In 1978, FMA received a generous gift of $1,000 from Mr. Henry Clark of Castle and Cook. This gift established the Investment Portfolio with the objective of providing FMA Members an opportunity to actively manage a stock portfolio. Members have the chance to actively research and analyze the economy, various industry sectors, and specific companies to come up with stock recommendations.



Every semester, we try to host at least 4 club socials allowing members to engage amongst each other socially and professionally. Last semester we hosted a volleyball social where members created teams and competed for a prize. These events are great for bonding not only between members but also with the board.

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