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The FMA board strives to provide club members with new and exciting opportunities throughout the school semester.

Meet your Fall 2023 board!

Copy of IMG_1156 (2).jpg

Daniel Stevens


Copy of IMG_1273 (2)_edited.jpg

Myka Grace Molina

External Relations Head 

Copy of IMG_1284 (2).jpg

Neil Blas

IBC Senator

Copy of IMG_1151 (2).jpg

Maria Lea Navales

Director of Marketing

Copy of IMG_1241 (2).jpg

Sean Foley

Portfolio Manager

Copy of IMG_1162 (2).jpg

David Le

Chief Operating Officer

Copy of IMG_1253 (2)_edited.jpg

Greg Rupp-Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Copy of IMG_1176 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Jason Cai

Chief Information Officer

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